Frequently Asked Questions

How do i ship my iDevice (s)?

SellMeMac will e-mail you a pre-paid UPS shipping label. All you have to do is to find suitable box pack your iDevice in the box, print and attach the shipping label to the box. When ready drop it off at nearest to you UPS drop-off location.

You can pack all the iDiveces that you want to sell in the one shipping box.

How do I track my box?

You will get UPS tracking number in e-mail (you provide this on the shipping form). You can just click on the "track my package" or you will be able to enter the tracking info at the

Is shipping to is free?

Yes, shipping is 100% free. You will not pay a dime from your pocket.

Does my cash offer from SellMeMac has a time limit?

Yes it does. Usually we offer a 15 days on the for each device in the instant quote. If you not able to ship your iDevice with in 15 day you may request a new quote or revision of existing quote.

I have some personal information on my Mac, do I need to erase it?

It is not required. As part of our service we erase all the data and personal information from your iDevice. However, SellMeMac not responsible for any compromised or lost data.

What happens if condition of my iDevice is misrepresented?

If upon inspection of iDevice(s) it/they not match the description in the express quote. We will make a new reasonable offer via email. If you are not satisfied with new quote, we can send you your device(s) back same way we have received it. Depend on the iDevice size the shipping charges may apply.

When will I get paid for my iDevice?

Usually you get paid the same day we receive your iDevices. Depending on the payment method you have selected, we will issue and mail the check to you, if a you are chose a PayPal for your payment method, then you will get paid very same day, and your money will be available at your account instantly. If you chose a Company Check for your payment method, then it can take up to 3 - 5 business days to arrive.

What types of iDevices I can sell to

You can sell MacBook laptops, iMac Desktops, iPhones and iPads. SellMeMac will buy your iDevices in any conditions.