About Us

SellMeMac.com objectives:
SellMeMac.com specializes in buying used Apple hardware products. It is Apple recycling reputable business that can help people to turn Apple Mac laptops, desktops and other into the cash.
What SellMeMac.com does:
Provides quick and easy service for Apple owners to get top cash for their devices, with free shipping.
SellMeMac.com goals:

Is to recycle and buyback Apple hardware products while delivering to our customers best and easiest quality service.

Recycling your gadget for cash at SellMeMac.com:

SellMeMac.com recycling program is based on a simple business model; the word "re-cycling" speaks for itself: the prefix re- indicates a return to the previous condition, or repetition of a previous action; cycling - A series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order. So we take useful components that can be used by the demanding worldwide market and recycle otherwise useless electronic waste. SellMeMac.com finds that recycling helps extend the life and usefulness of electronics that have already served its initial purpose, by re-using those parts in something that can be usable for other consumers. SellMeLaptop Recycling provides benefits and importance to our environment and especially to our planet.

Easy, Free and secure recycling for cash service:

SellMeMac.com makes it easy for people to dispose of their old gadgets for cash, donation or gift, which can serve a useful purpose for someone else. SellMeMac.com respects the confidentiality and privacy of its customers and we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction of our customers, utilizing our ability to turn laptops into cash in the shortest time possible. SellMeMac.com at this point, only serves customers that are located in United States of America.